the sting the world can bring

i met the sting the world can bring

she touched me deep and made me sing

she forced my ears to ring and ring

she opened my eyes to many things

she showed me how hearts get stabbed and bleed

she showed me how hate can kill a seed

she showed me why living is such a need for those of us who's exhales are sweet

i met the sting the world can bring

she told me never to stop my swing

she taught me so much while under her wing

i could not be moved by the hurt that she'd bring

she showed me above her painful lair

she took me beyond how short is my hair

she placed me alone and unaware in the center of beauty away from the snares

i am grateful today for her brush with me

she showed me realities i would never have seen

eyes closed as i go from extreme to extreme to become who i'm meant to be

Author's Notes/Comments: 

shaped by pain and change

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