my babygirl you sit and chill

with those who discuss u against my will

they say they love you but it's instilled

to tell the business that you spill

you're only one who doesn't realize

your mama sees you and hears your cries

your mama feels the pain of your goodbyes

your mama is the one who tries and tries

you think that you're grown and i accept

you think that your secrets will be kept

you think they're your friends because they wept

when you told them bout your pain in it's deepest depth

my baby they're kids and they cannot see

mama auntie grandma live in misery

so when you tell them of the tragedy

they pass it on and talk about me

little kids aren't the ones who can work this out,

i told you before cuz i have no doubt

these folks have no clues what our lives are about

and that's why i keep them out

it's not about if you have friends

it's more about the truth in the end

even though you spit it so healing can begin

the folks who they tell want your pain to win

i see from here and i tell you no lies

i may BE too blunt telling you what's right

but it's about the message and not the plight

cuz only the truth can shine so bright

my darling, my baby i love you so

i was there when they left and could not control

what God had planned and i did  not know

that he'd force us to stand and live so bold

i know what you mean and feel i know what you say

why do you think i always pray

for you to be blessed and your pain washed away

but it just won't happen if you continue to play

with friends who say they listen only to tell

the things you discribe as your own personal hell

you want to reach out so you're under a spell

you don't hear when i speak and that's why i yell

you're not the only one who's loved and lost

you are not alone in paying the cost

when i tell you what's right you feel like i bossed

you around when i'm simply want your cares to be tossed

your sister and brother and you were my life

you think it's just you who deals with the strife

we can heal together

Author's Notes/Comments: 

my daughter is finally talking to people about the accident, but, it's the wrong folks...

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