repentance in detail

i repent of reverting not allowing Him to reinvent my soul and ignoring His great intent for my soul  to compliment the changes in me that supplement the healing of my soul

sleeping with my enemy and calling him a friend

looking for a bandaid to settle for and pretend

to have over me for a  little while  but i wiggle and i bend

far too easily silently screaming out my pain will never end

the great I am has taken all the pangs and sin from me

but my tiny mind so sorely missed the 2 i cannot see

my heart He broke to teach me bout the sins that i partook

my blind behind still gave in to the evil great looking crook

he thinks he stole my soul by indulging in my hole

when all he did was  remind  me how my God can make me whole

so repent i have of all the sins that once were over me

praising God in heaven once again for holding me

i bumped my head too hard that day

to remember to to stay close and not to stray

from learning from living my virtue was spinning

i pray to be winning the fight against ending beginnings

with God in the lead with God right behind

touching this soul and soothing this mind

i pray to be free of the curses that kiss me

and to follow his way eternally

i don't want to live and wallow in sin

i don't want to fail in the very end

i pray to be clean and want to live right

i pray to be blessed and follow the light

i open my mouth to share my transgressions

in hopes that my seed can learn all the lessons

that crossed my old path  refining me from within

i am down on my face praying to win

the fight in my soul that keeps me holding on

the fight that reminds me i did somethings wrong

i won't be forgetting God's will is my way

i'll fight to forget about me today

remember the 1 who holds on to me

the 2 flew away with Him to be

the dreams he has given to me and my seed

and not be overcome by greed or by lust or by sloth or by gluttony

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