haven, or heaven...

Is earth the place where heaven is the hood

and all the things people see as bad are really good

in the hood we love and it's genuine and real

in the hood we too broke to hide how we feel

it's not what you've got that matters most

love peace respect and realness we toast

ain't got no money ain't got no home

one family together never to roam

reaching out for what's better but on our own terms

we'll work for them people, maybe even get a perm

but it ain't about dat it's more about this

we seen too much life to ever be dissed

or pushed to the mainstream and screwed with a kiss

mainstreamed conforming to the itemized characteristics

all boughie ignoring the truth being unrealistic

whatever's clever is our philosophy

examining it all underneath the tree

the good is what i see when i look over my space

the hood something more than an ignoramus place

intelltuality as deep as it can be

is found inside this place that many folks are scared to see

nurturing the babies while inside the secret place

grandma momma and babies love while most only see disgrace

the hood is raised with wisdom emotions that cut far

beyond the tears the words we hear have made us many scars

told of our beauty we cannot truly see we adorn our fleshy bodies

marked angels dancing in videos and jams used as hiphop's hotties

hidden from our treasures in the projects and in poverty

making up our own version of  government, complete with sovereignty

misunderstood for our understanding of what's true and real

by folks who want to experience us so bad they steal

our dress, our words, our ways they can't decipher

what's good about the hood that's so bad they want to wife her

to the blandness that the rest of the world is now living

seasoning the blessings we have but are not  giving

things we learn here can be found no other place

this heaven where we live can be moved but not replaced

but playing musical chairs with our haven of  coal

won't stop these diamonds from reaching their goal

the folks known to have no mirror inside

shine bright in the night as most folks try to hide

we have a special spot up above and down below

so be careful trying to stifle what you'll never truly know

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i love the hood

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