speaking what i know

Is a man truly ignorant when his truth does not match your own?

or is that man just speaking his opinions through the only truths he's ever lived and known?

should a man be punished for commenting from his life experiences when they are contrary to your's?

or should you be forcing his mental exploration beyond what he's been taught to ignore?

adam and eve, adam and steve, eve and eva... spare me please

it's no one's business what you do behind closed doors and a man has the right to speak his truth without attacks for what he believes

whether we agree or not is never the point for that is very plain

the disrespect in his phrasing it is what is so disdained

If it were you or me who thought inside a box

or out of it would you still be so willing to pick up the rocks

stoning him down cuz he thinks different from what most of us are taught

and having the balls to speak HIS TRUTH no matter what it brought

it took some courage to say it in the world that we live in

agreeing is not the point tho fighting never wins

I said all that to say that he said the things he felt, I have heard harsher words and even said a few myself.

I also share my views which are to live and to love

No matter what the makeup if it's him or if it's her

Instead of being upset at him and his opinion

save some of your energy and focus on strengthening your dominion

Author's Notes/Comments: 

my thoughts on the tim hardaway i hate Gay people phone rant that earned him many losses and the gay communities wrath

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