Why am I fighting the one thing I want?

Why am I fighting the one thing I want?

This blessing so peaceful that nothing can haunt

This joy so entrancing that glows through my skin

This love that’s so radiantly exuding(flowing) from within

This union with God that so sweetly recovers

The pangs(hurt) in this heart whenever He hovers

An understanding and peace that are one from within

As He fills up my vessel and He oozes through my skin

Drawing the beauty of life in its ugliest form

To remind me that there’s no such thing as the norm

That he sits high, looks low and has the whole world in his hand

And that I have no doubt for sure that this game isn’t pretend

There’s no bright side to feeling that today isn’t the day

I can step right up and say that I’ve given up going astray

So I share the words He gives me and I sing His many praises

And I tell you how He loves me leads me blindly through the mazes

When I really want to shout about the day that he erased my doubts

Spilled the negativity out in and one big wind new blessings sprout

I wanted to feel this soothed again

When it drew near, I ran and ran

But I’ve turned around cuz this question taunts

Why am I fighting the one thing I want?

I want this connection that God’s touch can bring

I know that He loves me through everything

Lord bless my pure intent of submission to you

And accept me and continue giving me clues

Release interference from this way and that

As I absorb your sweet counseling from our every chat

Father God hallelujah highest praises unto You from deep in my soul

Cradling me, overflowing my vessel until I am no longer in control

No longer seeking out a new hole to jump into and try to be invisible

But stepping up real strong because God’s love is indivisible

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prayer changes things

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