re emergence

Making time to see the sun

But from these blessings

I always run

As far away as I can stepping back and second guessing

With no more space left to go

This blessing’s on approach

Step to the left to get my balance

Step to the right to get my strength

Squat down low to grab it on my shoulders

As it’s soothing essence rolls over

Coating me and straightening my legs

Stand up! Absorb the shock of beauty and love

Release your cries and begs

Calms your heart and soothes your soul drizzling from above

Positive reflection of the purest heart

I’ll tell the tale of how great Thou art

Poetic phrasing and Contralto pitch

Poetic wisdom serenading every wish

Rising soldiers forge prosperous relations

With intentions of unifying every nation

In reflecting the heavens and living the dream

And recognizing sometimes it’s more extreme than it seems

Get on our knees and praise you for being you and for being in my life and for teaching me the difference in being blessed and having spice and for teaching me that blessings are never-ending and my time can run out at anytime and to remember there’s more to learn as long I don’t shutdown and think it’s all about me hallelujah continuing the praises since the day you spread my wings

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