Addicted to this food to get over all this pain

Chemically unbalancing my shifted brain in vain

The lord is working on me softening to a degree

So he’s able to touch me as all of my fears flee

Weight doesn’t help you in spiritual warfare

Maintenance of your vessel lowers the need for repair

Relaxed in this state from the persona I exude

Request from each encounter to add me when they include

The beauty of this life in their ascent to rise above

The darkness of this life tightening up without a glove

Adding bruises that can heal us into perfected works of art

Shifting hard to clear the pangs that can shatter us apart

Searching high and looking low for the options that can fix

The messes I created while diving into the mix

Adding baggage of this world manifested gel on me

Praying hard to let go of it all and go back to being skinny

The beauty of my thickness is accepted because

It’s draped and adorned to receive applause

I recognize that we all weren’t meant to be thin

But to grasp simple concepts and to inquire within

To change the backwards approaches pursued in this life

To get it right the next time and release all the strife

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