naughty ramblings

He started from the deepest dreams in my mind

strumming my chocolatey smooth skin from behind

Then he climbed out and touched me for real

Told him how I wanted it and I guess it had appeal

layed him on his back squatted low and kissed his face

And he lapped at my nectar like if he was in a race

I screamed and I hollered that I couldn't move my legs

But he wouldn't let me go and said he loves it when I beg

I squirted in his mouth and I hungered for his form

That he gave me firm and rough which is way out of the norm

Shuddered once again, from his pounding at my heart

With his thrusting as my legs were over his shoulders spread so wide apart

Then he made ride him slowly and he watched my full round ass

Bouncing down and up and up and down like back in gym class

He made me sweat, he made me squeal, I am still wet, wish I could feel

His throbbing thrusts pound at my gut by way of my butt I feel like a slut but wonder what that would feel like again

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