dangerous beauty

naughty ramblings

i saw qualities in you that made me burn and yet

i did not see the burning reach the climax to the unimaginable

can you take me there?

are your answers from below the hip deep enough to make me want to grip as you try to slip into my pain to soothe

holding this sweet nectarine in between your lips for what seems like forever

taste me truly


eat my unreleased unhappiness  to the point i cry out

it's fantastic....looks good from here

but honey  beware cuz these searing eyes have a pairing with an involved heart and this sex you've turned into an art begging to play your part in this opera playing the vagina as the harp is as needed as you describe and that need i cannot seem to hide, or is it that i don't want to, shouldn't have to

do i have to? just because it's not meant for you?

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