naughty ramblings

there's a darkness gripping and siphoning your very essence at it's simplest fiber in just one euphoric breath.. i felt it

and all you did was look into my eyes

and you saw me, the me i am seldom allowed to be, the me that no one else gets to see, the me who screams inside silently to be free- in my own beauty....

the torture that is a blessing that keeps me guessing unintentionally impressing satin seated views of this well blended bruise that keeps me counting by twos

a smoldering that's invited at times may seem unrequited even when i try my hardest not to hide it

the complexity of this heart is where these eyes draw their darkness rushing intensity's exchange forcing contemplation of a change

in the partner with whom you lay for the opportunity to play key the lock just for today but you'll stay until you're grey

in this breath that is THE ambrosia... euphoria's seeping clutch makes you not care who knows ya... exhale and grip tighter searching to hold on wtihout lurching to completely absorb this energy that excites our combustable synergy

and my glance never lets go of yours reassuring that this heart endures magnifying the fact that you need me to be yours even if our maneuvers are only in stealth

Author's Notes/Comments: 

eye screws are intense...

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