standing tall, loving God, and reciprocating light

knowing that it's the only way to deal with all the fright

staying wrapped in praises positivity and blessings

is the way to never have to do any kind of guessing

bout the next step in the loop of  the tests set in my path

all laid out to cause conundrums that can bring His holy wrath

read this understanding and know these words are true

Do only unto others as you'd have them do to you

be quiet cuz silence is golden when you do it from your heart

and even when they hurt you never act the part

rise above what makes you tingle from that thing between your legs

understand  that it's not him you see, when you hear him beg

A test is just that and illusion is certain

so i should not tell all my business and bring down my own curtain

pressing on is not around all the stepping stones in my way

and if i miss even one tiny step, i'll retest another day

the flesh is not the test, but the willingness to share

that part of me that means so much til it could split a pair

but it too is only a distraction from the real exams approach

and i'll miss it til i am in it if i don't put down the roach

Author's Notes/Comments: 

take and pass all exams by applying lessons learn and ignore the urges and taunting of the flesh.....with a clear head it's less likely to make a mistake and lower my standards and guard

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