Teardrops on my heart

Pain runs in my head

Using this chance

Praise you Lord through every circumstance

Use this voice transform this mind

Lord let these pain filled hearts rewind

And be filled with your love thoroughly

Lord I release these lips from the curse that kisses me

Running into my mind

These eyes fade to blind

And waving me round pseudo happy

Then dropping down to crappy

I remember the promise each time

But forget the blessings I write in these rhymes

To release all my pain and live in your love

So I can be ready to go up above

Dear Lord just remind me to not even indulge

The urge to easily divulge

My source even once more

You cut me off so I can’t ignore

What you say ever again

And continue on praying

Only tending to the 2

Who remain pressing on through

Hallelujah thank you Lord

Holding us is the reward

For we believe what you said

Please save us touch our heads

Fill these vessels with only you

And you leads us on in these purposes for you….AMEN

Author's Notes/Comments: 

purge and pray and apply these lessons... one piece at a time...Amen

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