interaction intervention

Calming tongues that lash out to explain

what they think is best for me, or so they exclaim

i know that your whispers to me are only the truth

and God continues carrying me and showing me proof

of how he truly cares for me, even when i am in sin

purging all my energy by keeping it within

i only want to live a life where i'm free from this disgustingly shock serving pain

and to readjust my speaking cuz it's impolite to cuss when you're in from the rain

to be shielded from temptation and be focused on my seed

and to let go of this addiction to dummying up on this weed

to have hope in my situation cuz i am not ever alone

and to praise Him for never changing His tone

to clear all these quirks so i can hear Him up close

is my quest in this life elevating my dose

of Jesus that gets put in everything i do

as His patience with me is serene solitude

trying to heal by myself,I cannot be alone

then these lessons of lif just will not be shown

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