circles getting smaller as i'm applying these lessons

not sure if i should let go or if i'm stiflin my blessin's

praying to be let out of this tomb set for me

reaching for the freedom this trap door may possibly be

hoping to be out and to be deeper in the LOrd

cuz His word and His promise keep this soul on one accord

praying for deliverance from far too many sins

and twisted explanations of trangressions bustin' out from self defense

correcting wrongs within myself that ran on for way too long

most are stemming from the fact i must release this bong

trying so hard to lower a pain that can never be described

begging new acquaintances to reciprocate a vibe

that i only feel within myself and no one ever sees

cuz outside i want to be recognized as the strongest chick that be

yelling to not be held in sympathy but understood with respect

i do my best to walk the road of sharpened intellect

slowing enlightening and sliding away from feeling numb

many morphings of my blessings have i had to overcome

just accepting all the changes i am looking for something more

but with all these tests i am failing i know i surely can't ignore

i am not finished with my changing and it seems i am wasting time

standing still instead of stepping to prove my faith is truly blind

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