Reporting back home

young king cut short from the pain of this world

stood tall as adventure gave him a whirl

brushed with perfection from the womb

pondering his existence creates a new wound

so rejoice in the times when you were all one

and realize that his new day has begun

celebrate the challenge he faced and won

so the grief doesn't weigh like tons and tons

no senseless drama no quiet dream

just loud angelic choruses if you know what i mean

one big gift given and returned

to apply those lessons he came here to learn

never knew that day when i looked up at this man

what was set in his path through God's holy plan

not goin' touch on the pain cuz i can't stop the rain

i sit here and smile since to me it is plain

these hearts minds and lives intertwined through his absence

will raise up his seeds with the memory of his common sense

stand tall, no tears just drive beyond fear which keeps the world clear

and reminds us to hold dear the essence of love and the time we spend

the expressions of which don't ever end....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I only met him once but what an impact....RIP Terrence

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