you're cute...

i am afraid, i'm embarrassed and my speech is now crass

i'm confusing myself and feeling harrassed

pondering whether or not we should meet

cuz it just may turn into a meet and greet

i enjoy when we chat and the times that we've smiled

and just let it flow from our minds and got wild

but i keep on going over this thought in my head

the way it would be to have you in my bed

not undressed or engaged in some hot date relation

just wrapped up in the cuddling and mental masturbation

our chats are so sweet and fierce in their fire

til for us to meet i am not sure i desire

so public we'll stay in our talking and chilling

i want to be your friend, if you are still willing?....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

a striking muse has sprinkled smiles and encouragement and the innocence of the ties must be reserved, here's my solution....

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