More...wip 3/12/2006

naughty ramblings

a friend who wants more is never a bore

though the action he asks for might define me as a whore

so i carefully choose which actions to ignore and get to the core

of the reason why i adore this friend who wants more

grew up in my life as i was this other guy's wife

steered clear of the jealousy and all of the strife

very attentive to my gripes earning his stripes

just by hearing my pain and seeing me strain

holding my umbrella somtimes in the rain

or picking my brain cuz he knows i won't complain

and he won't express his severe disdain for the main

(well you know hey...)just tells me to maintain

something spoiled the fruit when it got ripe

you decided i was your type and it was time that we vibed

but my boo your timing's woosy so i ask you to excuse me

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