naughty ramblings

you may think i am playing when i say that i care

but just keep on delaying the when and the where

as you keep on displaying the sex in the air

seeking out what i'm craving as if on a dare

diving deep almost slaving in search of that spot

that tells what you're doing is making me hot

as much as i want to you know that i'm not

portraying the part of the hoe in the lot

as i dig up on you i am searching to find

dat nigga who can love me with his heart, his body and his mind

done seen too much mess so i can't be blind

and don't you feel used cuz you ain't get to grind

for me it was great just to share what was real

rather than to act on what we think we feel

i know the love i seek seems surreal

but it's better to know you got the real deal

so i am not settling for anything yet

guess that means that you will not get

to experience the depths of that outlet

that is so wet, that we know sweats..from the slightest...and the lightest

thought of contact...makes me react...losing all my tact...and it's not..an..act!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i love everyone in different ways and sometimes the sentiment doesn't slide across the board as some may wish.... if there's something missing in the sentiment it may feel like a tease but the slightest word or action that should trigger a warning, does...

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