Demp's gone

I closed my eyes waiting for you to return

spent many days wanting and yearned

to be accepted in that place you are

never imagined you could go so far

away annd not be compelled to check on me

so since you're not here physically

i look inside for the times when we

smiled th i remeber so vividly

at the pooldiscussing the good ol' days

when kids had fun in so many ways

swimming, jamming, being a kid

i am missing your face and it doesn't seem to fit

they tell me over and over you're not coming back

that you fell asleep and slipped this world on a new track

running in circles without my friend

she was one of those folks who could comprehend

and still showed love without trying to pretend

life is always easy and would always lend

her ear, her heart: that means the most

reciprocation from me to her seeds keep her from being a ghost

shining her smile, her cherished treasure

having had her here was the biggest pleasure

Author's Notes/Comments: 

RIP Katrilla

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