Happy New Year

Hoping wishing praying for the best

that this year's more easily maneuverable than the rest

that my dreams will flow and materialize

and the dreary nights have passed me by

for new horizons to fill my eyes

and for my confidence to rise

I accept this new quest

of clearing out and reshaping my nest

to prepare for the goodness this year has in store

i am ready to step through the door

and recieve what to me will be more

abundant smiles that fill me to the core

i appreciate this opportunity

to be included in the unity

of celebrant hearts and minds

positivity intertwined

a love thats gentle and kind

and a life that won't rewind

i challenge everyone of us

to sit down think about and discuss

with ourselves and collectively

what it takes for us to be

living better exponentially

prosperously silly with glee...

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