trapped and invisible -- 12.9.2005

thought your love would set me free

from dealing with insanity

eating all the sense from me

questioning fidelity    

knocking on my door at night

know that i turned off the light

blocked the phone calls from my sight

i just know somethings not right

or is this sharp anxiety

the jolt for me to end my day

wrapped in your arms, never to stray

allowing it to be ok

i don't want to let it go

cuz i really want to know

when our bond will really grow

as we stick so very close

baby wrap me in your arms

feel me deep, know the alarms

that make me sense when there is harm

jumpstart this heart and keep it warm

volley this mind with the inner most thought

squash these feelings so distraught

reciprocation is what i want

releasing the pain that haunts

suppression of the inner me

the me that i try not to see

you seem to know her intricately

would you mind introducing her, please?

i took those requests to stay in the bed

when inside me the opposite signs could be read

allowing the doubt to go on widespread

indulging my fear of looking ahead

afraid to map out a new direction

dealing with disconnection

adding the these self corrections

unnoticed by the mirror's reflection

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