what am i thinking?

i am thinking of writing  a symphony of words

with intensely descriptive nouns and verbs

that bulldozes pangs with soothing balm

to elevate your spirit as your thoughts are calm

wish i could chill you out

and hold u

with and with out touch

i feel it from your end

but donot understand

the blockage of sentiment

guess i never said what i meant

reciprocation and reflection in every direction

spoken and silent

passionate yet non violent

deeply rooted in mental attachment

connections that won't be retracted

with patience that understands

and only sets forth one demand

to be maintaned by communication

honestly shared candid and simple in it's every relation

neglecting the rush to dip into the soul

through the body as euphoria's ambrosia elevates us to shift our roles

marinate in stages of mental elation

that bonds these two hearts in masturbation

of routines

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