my monster

> My monster was revealed that day

> While bleeding on the road

> So frightening was she to me

>  I called upon the LORD

> Touch my soul release this pain

> Angels smiled my soul’s at rest

> Prayed so hard that day it rained

> You only take the best

> This monster of deceit, hatred and lust

> Burned her impression in my heart

> Scraped my toughened skin clean off

> And caused my head to bust

> She slithered out through all the raucous

> Wiggling out my mouth

> Telling lies about my purpose

> Reflected self punishment and doubt

> She let me hear the worst in folks

> For I could not see

> My lord stood there and watched her poke

> For he was counting on me

> To open my eyes and see the dream

> That heaven has for me

> Provided I stop living blind

> And stand upon the holy beam

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