dat bitch

did i tell you bout dat bitch?

> she's the only one

> she’s tons of fun

> she’s every woman

and yet no one in particular

> she's manipulative til she gets her way

> she's sexy and smells good as hell

> she looks like me sometimes

> she was your mother

> she is your girlfriend

> she's my friend

> lol

> she's the bitch you give your all to, never lend

> dat bitch that is loved

> that bitch that's just hated

don’t be a waste cuz dat bitch’s time is slated

>  i am vibing with you cuz you seem to be there….

> with me….. remembering when you met her

> and watching her pass

> woman to woman  through her looking glass

> nice when she's here

> lasts when she's gone

> too bad there's no man to stand dat bitch for too long

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