Finally re-embracing me

Finally re-embracing me

Smiling hard… I am trying to be free

I see myself as being in need

Of showing all of who I really be

So comfortable in my own skin

Cuz as I am constantly digging within

Readjusting the me that I be and see

Looking out of these eyes and viewing this body

There’s an absence of substance in eye candy’s appeal

If the wrapper’s pulled back and the contents aren’t real

Finally re-embracing me

Smiling hard…I am trying to be free

Releasing these analytical insecurities

I see myself as being me

Not as others want me to see

So comfortable in my own skin

Cuz I am always digging within

My mind searching for and letting go of these character traits

That are not pleasing and mirror disgrace

My heart cleaning these festering wounds

That are still sore and scarring up too soon

Finally re-embracing me

Digging deep….Praying hard to be free

Wrapped up in rediscovery

And how important it is to my recovery

Running towards the invisible light

I feel the heat and hope it’s the right

Warmth I am being drawn to

It’s getting harder to move

Switching the arms that wrap around me

Giving me a chance to feel new and be

Re-evaluating this person inside of me

Tweaking the quirks internally

To change the position of the world around me

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