comfort me-- 12.7.2005

Overwhelmed by missing you

Wanting your faces to be in plain view

Tangible smellable kissable

Desire so deep I’m gullible

Heart and mind in sync

Flowing like this ink

About times that happened in a blink

And blur until I can’t think

Needing a sign from a above today

Feeling this painful urgency to pray

Lord please humble me in your way

My prize won’t let me stray

Help me to be better

Enduring this stormy weather

That ended my idea of the perfect forever

Wishing we could be together

With tears and smiles so unhappily

I fill this world with remembering we

Supposed to be you here with me

But momma’s here loving you babies

Trying to remember to smile

Cuz though I had you a short while

You ran more than your little mile

You lived best through these living trials

You’re in hands that are better than mine

Up in heaven with the Almighty Divine

HE added you to the stars that shine

And I know you are doing just fine

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