Standing around stealing glimpses of you

Doing those things that we used to do

I notice a tear slide out of my eye

As I’m standing around here questioning why

One day you were mine the next not at all

The pain was so crippling it forced me to crawl

On my knees to talk to GOD so he could dress these wounds

These deep gashes in my soul that come from missing you

That force me to notice the little things we took for granted

And to not clean out the flower pots we planted

I am hoping for growth

I am praying for peace

I can have them both

If I continue to believe

Partially asleep last night dreaming I saw you

Playing in my closet our game of peek a boo

You slide into plain sight and disappear

I awake straining to feel you though you are not there

Always know you’re in my heart

This situation is ripping me apart

Disappearing and showing yourself chills me

Remembering what happened kills me

Little by little I try to forget

This painful reality that brings me regret

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