my christmas list? wip 12/18/05

this christmas is different from last

in that i got to a point in life further past

the goals that i had set to move forward

i know i am due a reward

but i think i wish for nothing except for folks to change their minds

and i ask for you to give to them the things the wouldn't find

on a rack at a store

i know that what i ask is more

than what you're used to giving

but santa if i ask for anything else

then you know i would be fibbing

i told you 2 years ago today to bring the same for me

and it's improved the person i am exponentially

through this request i make to you

to turn me from invisible

to those seemingly incurable

blind to a love that's durable

open their eyes to treasures and blessings

so i can be freed of these painful dressings

healed up relieved and released

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