sexy fat and walking...wip12/29/05

ain't no asking a nigga for a bite to eat even if you paying for it yourself

cuz all he sees when you start to speak is the hunger within himself

smoldering you and wrapping you in gravy as you offer to put in gas

dat nigga ain't heard shit you said cuz it all sounds like lemme give you some ass

so put out you must walk back down on your path

searching for a way to soothe this wrath

from discombobulation between doing what's right cuz it is and double meanings

wishing you could give that dirty mind a spring cleaning

a fat girl still hungry and wendy's closed they seating

drive thru on foot means i won't be eating

belly still grumbling just a cussin at that skinny chick

inside of me that protests eating all them potpies that mademy ass so thick

niggas just don't see the point in simple kind sweet gestures

that don't involve them getting to play the silent molester

i am feeling pissed cuz all thistalking hasn't soothed my hunger

imma walk my fat ass home what's Dominoe's pizza's number?

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