let me see the Mural

let me see the Mural

no matter what i go thru i look upward and see better days even if it's in my own mind…but not better days of the past, they're too painful… future…uncertain…but better than today and it takes me to a happy place…then i see someone (you) who makes that magnify a bit even for a little while and all the little whiles put together make it a happy life that brings the rest of the fortunes set in my path more quickly….cuz i don't see the pain, temptation….or  bad vibes, cuz they're not there…


Signs adhere these great mysteries of life into a mural of the world so vast in size, each segment looks like a separate mural in it’s self…but by bonding in one another’s analyzations of the signs, we are able to see a greater segment of the mural than the piece that holds our picture

*selfishness, greed*

Simply seeing one’s own picture in the mural through psychosomatic self imposed tunnel vision that yields their will and materializing it through any means necessary… side effect: blindsided to*****…where the most painful depth of want is dangled and the goal is never achieved… believe it or not, it happens here on earth to a degree


The double edged sword of being with out knowledge, wisdom, intelligence-not just smarts, information…not knowing what to pursue knowledge of, with fears that some information is useless, and not having the understanding to know the difference but having the deepest basic wisdom of seeing a picture not really putting the mural into perspective


Disoriented actions and shaken distorted views of the mural with a constantly shifted tunnel vision approached with a strong desire to see the big picture….you are the big picture and it’s smaller than you think….move on and see the mural


Being in the mural in the first place…functioning well enough to paint this portrait into the mural…being included in passing on the gift of painting in the mural…expressing the dimensions of the main idea of the mural…being humble enough to let it flow allowing my view of the mural to be more vast…

let me see the Mural

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digging deep and moving on

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