sneaking in:)

eye contact at every possible exchange

silently begging to scream your name

heated and running search you for answers

slowly delivered raised all the prancers

delightful chats teasing the mold

set in your hands you'd gladly hold

me touching you sweetly brings pure delight

if he ever found out, it's you dude, he'd smite

inhaling your vibe...euphoric essence

no confusion for me, i've learned my lessons

only this love i've chosen to share

reaps all the true benfits of knowing i care

this warm honey filled tukie you shan't ever taste

so continuing to ask is simply a waste

the one thing i desire to achieve in this plan

is genuine reciprocation between woman and man

it begins in the brain waves and heart and it stems

so much further than how hot you lookin today in those "Tim's"

shift my predicament and tell me the truth

if he was you, wouldn't you, beat the hell out of you?

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