no way

Such a friend to fill my ears with this feral act

Dug deep with them lies just to force me to react

I don’t see the point in flipping the hearsay into fact

Sharing times you saw him and mum was the pact

Supposed to tell it when it happened not because you see me down

I’m sure you really meant to tell me before the town

This is really entertaining but can we change the subject now

Kicking me while I’m down

All around me I’m the clown

You don’t know what I’m going through

Spreading venom all around

Just trying to make it sound

Like you sit around and cry boohoo

Don’t even care but look at you sitting there

Don’t think that I’m as slow as it may seem

I got a real good man treats me like a dream

Good or bad, he’s mine, know what I mean

Tells me where he goes, no need to scream

Worrying bout mine when your life is the same

Takes one to know one get up on your game

Instead of talking mine get your own mess tame

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