Digression from life sliding in doubt

Pushing the pain that floats out of my mouth

Living this  dream where I have the clout

My faith gets retested to see if I shout

I’m flashed with the gifts that I won’t let out

Given the choice of lying around

Where pity and shame just toss me about

Every whim indulged if I’d only bow

Let go of this pain, let go of it now

Eyes up on the Lord, for he shows me how

This visit was pleasant I am fat as a cow

With blessings and favor that he has poured out

I only see up even with these eyes down

As he keeps me inspired giving me a new noun

And compound adverb to describe transformations perplexing the crowd

He has never digressed.... not then, and not now

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i look up words and sometimes write what comes out when i think of the meanings

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