violation into Indulgence

Infiltration of this privacy

To add agony and anger to this lunacy

All in an effort to expose me

To that naive lil girl that’s expected of me

Maturity is saluted ridiculously

Yet this wisdom just won’t let me be

These doors are all open forever for me

And yet if this flaw I do not release

I’ll be locked away for eternity

Displaying the goodness that flows too freely

These double edged daggers shot deep from in me

This appeasing of tongue lashes of negativity

Let me simply indulge what is meant to be

No more unseen attachments greeting you with glee

Set these eyes on the things that you want me to see

Open these ears since you whisper to me

Set down this bush that hampers my ability

Pick up to make room for this heart to be free

I’ll become that lil person you want me to be

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