message from beyond

I was awakened one rainy night

My mood was startled and full of fright

but to my surprise and utter delight

I saw 2 angels gleaming in light

they smiled and waved it would be ok

if i'd let myself go and let GOD have his way

should happen tommorrow, but if I behave today

My Lord would turnabout this mess if I continue to pray

Eyes up, knees bent tears on this trail

moistening the harshness of this tale

of how they got wings and I'd failed

to get mine still so I wail

Begging forgiveness from a powerless source

who in himself is merely showing remorse

retracing the steps of this deadly course

we both realize together,implement and endorse

that there were no faults, only painful lessons learned

and that we need to soak them up for our wings to be earned

and that this is no task that's easily discerned

Praying to release some of the naivete that burned

our babies from our arms and these holes in our souls

and left us with only one to endure the tides and holds

on to us as tightly as one could ever imagine which molds

our family closely nit until our blood runs cold

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