I know I am not the only one

YOU touched that day who spoke in tongues

screamed out to YOU to sculpt my cry

trying not to ask You why

I'm stung so bad, they learned to fly

abandoned and emptied, I simply sigh

fully confident You have a plan

I process the gravity of my circumstance

2 steps forward, I am 5 behind

and I feel like I am wasting time

pondering and analyzing who I am

Busting these phonies in their scams

Or shall I say attempts to fool me

into living the opposite style mapped out by HE,

the gift granter who exchanged my heart and mind

for clarity, peace and direct approaches of a different kind

cleaned my life of all then folks

who got their thrills from gossip and pokes

attempting to slide into my hip

or maybe simply kiss my lip

with all the poison that is their lives

bypassing warnings and offering bribes

trying to blindside me into hell

but my soul I cannot sell

for it doesn't belong to me at all

I blast them all for having the gaul

to expose me to this fearful doubt

that sends my pain spilling out my mouth

I purse my lips and dry my eyes

Sopralto smoothness stifles my cries

unravel myself and read these vibes

continue to be diassociated from the tribe

for I choose to be chosen in the silent time

I need to be stepping up out this grime

For I know my soul will make me gleam

For my LORD is blessing me

adding gifts to injured parts

blessing folks through this heart

cleansing the pain,revealing me to you

Break these barriers, shifting my tainted view

blessing me with favor and grace

guiding me all over the place

just to praise HIS holy name

confessing that I am not the same...

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