As an eclipse or a star is once in a lifetime

i am overcome with knowing she was also mine

Grandma Ethel Phillips whose lone presence spawned a village of love

i know that right now she smiles up above

she had this honest way, i would call her special flair

to let me know when i was getting in her hair

I'd call her all the time asking for kem or kay kay

careful not to forget to ask her about her day

Kaykay is not

at first it made me tick

did the calm sweet Lady just give me a phone check?

she did! on many occassions and that made her to me...

overtime someone who taught me to be free

never let go of what is your dream

and not foget that nothing is what it seems

the love that she showed ME

if you knew her, if she liked you, you'd get it too

i got from her that i could be invisble

but still be a force beaming a positive light

respecting myself and doing what's right

accept no less than the best and

take no mess from the rest

to have known Grandma Phillips makes us all truly blessed

her presence was strong within my life

i am not the only one feeling this knife

the Potter is spinning his great masterpiece and He needed more clay

who better to be chosen along the way

her heart shined thru as her pots rang true as we'd try and pass thru as she'd share her views

i don't only speak for me when i say

i'll miss her everyday when i'm reminded of the way

she loved me

I'd sit with her for hours and hours

that felt like minutes but i'd call it seconds as she gave up the lessons

*wisdom shared can shield lives from pain

and uplift us while we stand in the rain*

i won't say it all in one mouthful

cuz grandma IS too beautiful to not give her her due

just look around and over this room

she's here in everyone of you and me too

i won't be left out of this army called family

that grandma Ethel put together and raised up with a gravity

that far expands whereever we'll go

and stay with us as we continue to grow

she taught us so much til one word will suffice

and the path that she glided on paid the price

whether she birthed you, knew you, raised you, you're her grandbaby, or her grandbaby's baby

there was always a certainty to the love she'd share never a maybe

when i reflect on her i will always know

*there is beauty in what you reap

when there is love in what you sow*




Dear heart, she'll not ever truly leave even though we are apart

it is a sad day AND a joyous day all in one

cuz GRANDMA found her place in the sun!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

RIP wih love Grandma Ethel Pillips

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