living light

I chose inclusion in the we that is me

My husband and our blessings 3

Walked through this life so happily

Blessed innocence and naiveté

Purest love untouched and divine

Tender hugs melt in my mind

Wishing to feel this every try

Or maybe at least one more time

Beckon this old body onward

Honorably transform this coward

Into a pillar of light

Reflecting love so right

Granted as a gift reclaimed

Resting and playing as restless souls aimed

Insincere gestures to burn

Through these trials our blessings were earned

By having our wounds and dressings

Ripped away at the exact timing

Needed for us to restart moving and climbing

Onward to His next phase of the plan

Humble obedience from all man and woman

Begins with me and he and becomes we

Teaching baby His way showing her that she

Is His first and only

Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy

All the commandments plus decent behavior

Deepest bonds with the Savior

Ensure communications are open

And there’s no need for hoping

To reattach to the gifts of this life in the everafter

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