MY 1

to me he is ADAM, and i am HIS EVE...

waited many centuries to grasp at his sleeve,

to feel him come touch me

to breathe at ease,

i'll do it all for him,

whatever will please...

in LOVE with LOVE

and love loves me,

for my heart is wide open

and only he will see!

he offered his rib

i did not accept

embarrased by my lip

which pushed him til he left

confused by my eyes

which blindness deceived

i drown in my cries

of disbelief

i pray that he'll come back

and remember our vibe

and see past this act

that deters the tribe

i protect this heart for it is his

i reject those false ones who want his kiss

we created the old and watched it grow

our love draws us in away from the cold

our closeness white hot is what i require

for we are eachother's hearts deepest desire

he saw through before and then backed away

was met with the chill that comes from delay

i need him with me to feel him again

so love is restored to where it began

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i am such a lovesick puppy!!! lol the craziest part is...i am a deer in the headlights when it comes...just stuck!

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