Evolving and Continuing

I gave up on many things the day my children passed away

Confessed unrest which simply stated that I was not at my best

Placed blame on the person who came to share the same

Heart with me who only wanted to be respected as my hubby

And had to learn when respect’s given it’s returned

All the loss that day brought still sometimes makes me feel distraught

Memories of what used to be for me are fond but foreign imageries

I try to move on and in my list of things to do I must remember that they’re gone

Drop to my knees begging God, Please surrender unto me your perfect peace

Spell out each situation in my prayers as they come about I know my Jesus has all the clout to change the route of misplaced needs so I take heed and continue to plead the blood over my life to end the strife so I can go on being his wife

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