naughty ramblings

You can call me a freak

To that I must say

My quest which has begun today

Is for a king with dreads or braids

To grip my soul

Through his long probing embrace

His demeanor gentle, such a rough exterior

His strength omnificent, intellectuality superior

Big hands big heart

Intense exchange from me to my boo

Don’t understand what I mean?

That’s too bad for you

His warm body pressed to mine

Boiling passions erupt as we’re intertwined

Branded as his from behind

Fantasies of him almost explode my mind

Passing him on the street, eyes connect, did we meet

You pat the part I need you to beat

Oh big Daddy what a greeting

Sweet enough for me to eat

My King of deliverable passion

Ready to spring into action

Thickalicious yummy hot moist kisses

From my man to his missus

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