the Journey

I am here today with a purpose simple and true

I am here to share my knowledge with you

Love, peace, understanding, loss

Strength, courage, wisdom….

And a few words from my boss

Please accept these words I have to give

For they come from the interesting life I have lived

May they enrich you, build you, connect you to me….

For I have come to the conclusion that joined is the only way to be

Our comradery in this place today is only a beginning

We’re setting out to battle negativity, selfishness, and dysfunction…

And I believe we’ll end up winning

These seeds I’ll plant in your mind today

Will elevate you too, I pray

To another realm of understanding

That will make you more demanding

Of yourself….I love you…

Journey with me into my world

And help me make sense of it

The more I think and ponder,

The brighter the small light bulb in my head is lit….

I find myself blooming ajar as wide as a prairie left to wander around my thoughts….

Do YOU hear ME?

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