naughty ramblings

Could my constant acceptance and trust

Be my deliverer to this disgust

That I harbor against these inner thoughts

Though contradictory expensive in cost

These souls who’s split tongued pleasures

Push the deepest limits of measure

Sensual tensions, wicked vibes

Threaten to diminish my tribe

Thick, hot sassy and beautiful

Whose deepest servitude is nothing if not dutiful

Souls connected through a higher level

Bond that’s envied, love forever reveled

One who shows adoration for her man

By following his every plan

Forbidden fruit, intense sensual delights

Encourage him after many tries

To delve into that realm of lust

That forces him to mistrust

For selfishness will yield no reciprocation

For this act of lovesplosions and elations

Nastiest thoughts played in our minds

Most intense connections well defined

Love so deep it surpasses space and time

No need to add another…… this way’s just fine

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