Talk to me

On earth and beyond your dutiful spirit

Echoes through time, Am I the only one to hear it, to feel it?

I think not and you know

So you speak, softly, carefully, lovingly

Say it my love, whatever you

Think needs to be said

Say it through me, my muse

My closest link to GOD, my child

And I will listen and I will follow

And I will continue to do and care

As always my face

My link to understanding

Reluctant to say that day and today

But you have no fears-none left at least

I am in you and you will always be in me

Release it all so you can feel as free as you are

As I have always asked please reveal

No more secrets for us, for my heart is still

Breaking more everyday just knowing

There’s so much more that was to be done

And that choosing to keep you near

Makes me the responsible, loving, needing, selfish one

Selfish in that I could not bear

For me to be here

And you to be anywhere else

But I know you understand cuz we’re close in ways no one would ever comprehend

My first, my face, my life changing treasure…

In death all I can do is pray you find your voice, strong and true

Express it all, no holding back….

We both know that our bond has always allowed complete expression in everyway

I believe you’re trying to save me

And can only say that in your elevation you’ve evolved to womanhood fully

And your strong spirit transcends all hardships, depression, floats my spirit, carries Jessica and guided Papi.

It amazes me how you learned your lessons so fast.

I know you’d be here if you hadn’t been sucked from my bosom,

But I realize that it was the intended manner and GOD makes no mistakes.

He knew no other manner would have kept me intact and you so near,

My angel in baby blue….

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