jessica 2

Jessica is cuddled close

How deeply she’s loved she’ll never know

Give my life so she can grow

There are no words to show

The power of the love she holds

Smiles delivered with love and hope

Unfortunate terror teaching her to cope

Her strength is the protection she needs the most

Guided through life with the Holy Ghost

Jessica fell down a well

Jessica was told not to tell

Jessica was stolen in the night

Jessica doesn’t know there’s light

Jessica went through a terrible fright

Jessica, the best is in sight

Baby it’ll be alright

Jessica stepped on her own

Told the world leave me alone

The world has shaken and my princess dethroned

She musters up the courage to make it home

Cold world chills to the bone

Forced my baby to moan,

To stretch her wisdom,

Now she feels she’s grown

All this pain life has shown

Love, courage, and faith have been reborn

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