what's the problem

Venomous lifestyle that latches on to many

Mischievous acts multiply to plenty

Influence that is profound

Yet forcing frowns throughout the town

Intent as innocent as the time that’s spent

Unhappy resonance rolls through each contact

Miserably happy, ungrateful for life

Constructing change in other’s wives

Teaching them strength, reminding them of love, nurturing wisdom

Misunderstood intentions, sew thoughts of freedom

Feeling threatened their partners all come

Not realizing for them too a change has rumbled

Clearing the added individual ‘comforts’

To help the collective design of the family

So relaxed in living the status quo

They don’t want to know

That this lifestyle only shows

Selfishness, greed and yields the inner issues

Which is the real reason why the spend so much on tissue

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