Included but why?

You need another flavor

And mine suits you just fine?

Can you say what

It is that I do

That makes you save

Space for two?

Could it be my look?

Beautiful, chocolate, and finished?

Or maybe it’s my doting

Overly concerned nature

Complaining and diminished?

Well, enjoy while you can

Cuz GOD’s working on me

And my man

And not only will we be one

But shall we shine again

As the rising and setting sun

Wait I ask, Included, but why?

Do I look that bewildered

Til you feel you have the right or

Deserve the satisfaction of forcing me to cry?

I fill my life with positive things

And choose to culture you

Dusted you off, taught you LOVE

And you don’t know what to do

Put words to it and be done,

Be grateful for my presence

For you have no idea

Of the blessing you were given

The whole time you thought

You were accepting and appeasing me

GOD had me doing it to you

Add up the time and tally your life

For your days are numbered

My LORD sees all, knows all, and controls all

And your arrogant leeching manner

Will sooner than later

Leave your world more shattered

No longer included you say….

Because today is not yesterday?

No skin off my butt

You’re on your way

Back down that poisonous path

From which you hungrily tried to stray

The one that merely let you function

No Love, No Peace, No Clarity

Love, GOD stops all that calamity

Through it all I wish you well,

You curse me, BUT I love you still

Scandalize my name

I am on your mind

As I move on,

You waste your time

If that is what your Inclusion entails,

Don’t EVEN BOTHER to put my invitation in the mail

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