I have done nothing though

You might be impressed

The way I see it,

I am not finished yet

The days go by and added skills I received

You may feel I am magnificent

But I do not see

All that has happened and all I have done

Is added to my scroll of life

Stored away like cargo

Pressed and packed

Waiting to be used

As I add to my arsenal of gifts and powers

To be set forth on the world like tank

Mowed over by love

What a better way to go

My only hope is

You’re paying attention

As I line the arrows

To prepare for this mission

And see that this is my rightful place

All these triumphs were set

For my experience can never be erased

But only live on by you

I believe I am ready to stand my ground

For I have studied the streets in this entire town

And though the battlefield is large,

GOD is in charge

And I know I shall not fail

My bow is in tune, My tank is full,

My arrows thoroughly sharpened

The way I see, all I need is a target

So I can start bustin’

I will shoot you full of Love pure, honest and true,

That’ll wrap you in God’s grace

Don’t worry about what to do

Just cast your cares

For my GOD is there, He’s willing and He’s able

If you’ll only share

You willingness to seek him

Don’t be impressed with me

Impress yourself

For you know not the way,

Nor the hour, nor the place

That my Lord shall return with His saving grace

The way in which you seek Him is personal to you

I only state the facts today

Cuz He’s coming for me and you

Don’t waste your time worried about mine

Just go and seek the truth, soften your heart and be kind

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