clearing the garden

I have been so busy planting rose bushes; I never took the time to tend the garden

The weeds are rampant and in need of extraction, so I have to be still and careful to go bush by bush and prune my garden…. As beautiful as it is, is as dangerous as it is.

No one should have to be careful in their own environment to the point that they are afraid and uncomfortable to even think of moving. Only true, honest, loving, peaceful, innocent and delicate flowers are required to make this garden beautiful, all else is an unnecessary complication.  I am no longer afraid to voice the things most folks only ponder…. What else is there?  As I clear the broken eggshells, glass and rocks from my garden, I begin to see life anew and it is euphoric/ overwhelming to know the world is once again, like never before, full of possibilities great and small.  My hero, my daughter is the key…

Through her I am able to break all binds of enslavement to past experience, build self love and go on.  For a very long time, I have been practicing for life….

Now I must live….

I feel as if all my skin has been peeled off and I am being touched by gritty hands on purpose.  I know that I am not alone, so I cling to those near and dear….since we’re all feeling similar. Through this pain we will achieve total closeness, PEACE, a deeper love and togetherness…..


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